Yes nurse, no nurse

Annie's famous Dutch television series is made into a musical film. Watch the trailer!

About Annie M.G. Schmidt

The most famous twentieth-century Dutch writer, Annie M.G. Schmidt was thought of during her lifetime as the "real queen of the Netherlands". She was a highly original woman with a broad perspective and an unfailing sense of humor. Her radio and TV series, plays and musicals brought her unprecedented popularity. Many of her books have been filmed, and almost everyone in the Netherlands is able to recite at least a line or two from one of her songs or poems. Her children's books have become a national institution.

Throughout her career she died in 1995 at the age of 84 she was showered with accolades, including the Dutch and Austrian national prizes for children's literature. Her work has appeared in translation all over the world, with the odd exception of the English-speaking countries, where very few of her books have been published. In 1988 the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren presented her with the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the "Nobel Prize" of children's literature. The jury praised her "ironic tone, witty criticism and style that is amusing, clear, rebellious and simple to its essence."

The English section of this official Annie M.G. Schmidt website provides information about her life and gives you a chance to read chapters, poems and stories from some of her children's books. Virtually all of the translations were specially commissioned for this website. As mentioned above, few of her books have been translated into English. This surprised Astrid Lindgren, who saw Annie M.G. Schmidt as a soul mate and believed that the work of her Dutch counterpart should be available all over the world. During the presentation of the Hans Christian Andersen Award she said, "Annie, I love you so much, where have you been all my life?"