A pond full of ink

Annie M.G. Schmidt is a household name in the Netherlands, where almost everyone can sing at least one of her songs or recite a couple of lines of her poetry. The jury of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, which she won in 1988, praised her for her ‘ironic tone, witty criticism and a style that is amusing, clear, rebellious and simple to its essence’.

David Colmer has produced sparkling new translations for this collection of her most iconic children’s poems, illustrator Sieb Posthuma presents his own colourful take on Schmidt’s universe, and Irma Boom’s design turns it all into a dazzling whole.

Illustrator: Sieb Posthuma
Translator: David Colmer
ISBN: 978 90 451 1290 9
Number of pages: 96
Publisher: Querido Kind
NUR: 290
Prize: € 19,95

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